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Pancha Suktam

The word "Suktam" is derived from the root "Suk", which means "to recite". This means a group of hymns in praise of some deity. Such a collection of hymns, according to the Vedic specialists, is a powerful medium for gaining divine blessings.

Group of Rishis created the hymns known as the Sukthas. The Rigveda has 41 Sukthas that are designated as the ‘Rik’ Mantras (verses). The Yajurveda has 109 Sukthas with four additional ones that are designated as ‘Yajus’ Mantras. The Samaveda has 1000 Sukthas that are classified into two groups of 750 each. The Rigveda has 41 Sukthas and the Atharva Veda has 20 Sukthas.

According to the Vedic specialists, reciting them with devotion and sincerity can bring about excellent results. For example, if one recites the Suktam dedicated to Saraswati (known as Saraswati Suktam) with devotion, it is believed that he will be blessed with knowledge and wisdom.


Suktham we chanted properly will open the deity vortex. You need to take proper sankalpa, do the chanting of suktham and offer correct neivedhya, you are sure to get the abundance of the blessings from the diety.

The main pancha suktham we teach are

  • Shree suktham
  • Purusha suktham
  • Narayana suktham
  • Medha suktham
  • Shanthi suktham
"Chanting suktas will clear lots of bad vibrations and restore the divine energy."

If you want to learn any suktham apart from these then you can contact us directly.

We believe in smarana or hearing, manana- setting it in the heart and nidithyasa means that will become our unconscious. All these will require repetition and patience. We help you to make theses suktham part of your being and nature.

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    16 Jul, 2021

    Our daughter's marriage was fixed in the month of May and we started thinking about all the rituals to be followed. I was looking out for a class that teaches us these rituals and pooja to be performed during these occasions. After searching online, i found this website Pooja Class. Its very useful. Thank you.

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    18 September, 2021

    I would like to thank Pooja for his guidance and advice. He is very helpful. I am very impressed with his guidance and the way he teaches. Thanks Pooja once again.