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Aupasana is a yajna performed daily by Hindus who have been initiated during marriage. Hindu marriage is conducted with offerings made in the fire. Aupasana, which must be performed every day, is commenced in this fire and it must be preserved throughout one's life. According to the Hindu texts, Aupasana should be done after taking bath before sunrise. The husband and wife should sit facing East or North and offer water and ghee at least five times.

Aupasana is conducted on a regular basis to ward off negative energies, eliminate obstacles and improve physical, social and spiritual well-being of a family. Performing Aupasana regularly can also lead to progress in one’s career and help children do well in their education. In Hinduism, Aupasana is considered necessary for a successful marriage as it helps resolve conflicts between spouses if any, especially those arising due to ego clashes between the couple.


What you will learn

  • Steps in the aupasana
  • Mantras in aupasana
  • What is the day mantra
  • What is the evening mantra
  • What is the naivedhya to be used
"When you knee down to God, He stands up for you. And when he stands up for you, No one can stands against you."

All rites in which the aupasana fire is used and pertain to an individual and his family are "Grhyakarmas". The seven pakayajnas also belong to this category. They are related exclusively to the family and are not very elaborate. Even so, they are conducive to the good of the world outside also. Grhyasutras deal with such rites. They belong to the Smritis and are called "Smarta-karmas".

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    22 March, 2021

    I am very impressed with the guidance and teaching of Pooja. He is very helpful. The approach is different which makes him very special among other guides.

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    18 September, 2021

    I am very much impressed with Pooja's teaching skills. He is very clear in his instructions, positive and energetic. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good teacher.

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