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Ganapathi Pooja

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Ganapathi Pooja

Many people have difficulties to start anything new and run the things successfully for some times , they will lose their faith and face many obstacles , but with the grace of Lord Ganapathi you can easily avoid all these things and succeed in your life. Do rituals now !!

Start anything new successfully

Have Karya Siddhi

Remove all your Hindrances

Clear your enemies

Many people before doing any kind of ritual or before starting any important occasion they do Ganapathi Pooja, even before doing punyavachana a lagu Ganapathi Pooja is performed. It is usually done to clear all the obstacles physically and asterly that will come during the ritual or after the ritual or even in the process.

Doing proper Ganpati Puja will help us to increase lots of karya siddhi through which if we want to attain or achieve any goal, we can do it without disturbances or obstacles. If you want to start a process easily, doing ganapathi pooja will help you a lot. With ganapathi’s grace we can move any process or do anything very easily.


Karya siddhi means accomplishing any task or any process in a short span without any kind of obstacles or disturbances. Lord Ganapathi will help us with immense karya siddhi in this pooja

What you will learn :

This class will be very helpful for you in the long term and you learn this pooja in such an easy manner. We will help you to learn easily and directly use this mantra siddhi anytime, anywhere.

  • Special - detailed sankalpa
  • Ganapathi aavahanam
  • Purvanga mantras
  • Ganapathi aavahanam
  • Uttaranga mantras
"Ganapathi is the king of karya siddhi and with his grace many things can be done with little effort."

In this class you will learn how to do proper Ganpati Puja with the proper steps and procedures. With Ganpati Puja you will have lots of stability and you can easily do anything without any kind of obstacles. Many people do not know how to do proper Ganpati Pooja and they just do it for a name sake without understanding the Ganapathi's power. In this class we will teach you how to chant the ashtothra and how to do the invocation and a lot more...

What you will need in this class is an ashtothra book, fluency in mantras and lots of Shraddha and bhakti to lord ganapathi. We will teach this class slowly until you understand and after learning the class you can easily apply this knowledge directly without any obstacle

  • Comment Author


    22 March, 2021

    I came to know about Ganapthi Pooja through this class. I have performed this pooja with proper guidance. Thank you very much for taking time to teach us.

  • Comment Author


    18 September, 2021

    Good thing about this class is that in the class you will get all the details from what to do and how to do before, during and after ganapthi pooja.

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