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We teach all the mantras taught by our great rishi's and in guru parampara. All these Mantras and classes will benefit and change the dimensions of life for a person.

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Keep Learning With Your Passion

We mainly focus on teaching the classes repetitively until the students understands and is able to use it confidently in his daily life. We stress more on practice, understanding and repetition.

  • Easy Apply
  • Repetition
  • 24 x 7 help
  • Student Friendly
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It is very easy, you can choose which class that you are intrested in learning. Below every class, we have the classes link where if you click it you can see our contact number for more details.

Choose the class you like and you can call or whatsapp us and we will inform you the pricing along with that you will receive bank details and a payment link, where you can pay us easily and communicate with us.

We always focus on smarana - manana - nithidyasa. which means learning and practicing it everyday with our daily life routine and making it a very effective and important so that , we will not forget it.

We have given our contact number in many places in this website. You can choose the class you want to learn and you can choose the days, platform to learn, timings, 1 to 1 or group classes and all the preferences in our whatsapp chat.

All these mantras we teach will be useful to you through appliction in practical life. You can see lots of impact and changes because of these mantras. These classes and mantras will impact in a lots of things in your life.





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